Watch Internet TV from Belgium:

Belgian TV channels.
Free Internet TV
.Antenne CentrewebsiteRegional TV from Louvière and Sud-Hainaut with recorded news.
.ATVwebsiteRecorded local news broadcast from Antwerp.
.AVS (1. maandag)228KRegional TV with recorded news.
.AVS (2. dinsdag)228KRegional TV with recorded news.
.AVS (3. woensdag)228KRegional TV with recorded news.
.AVS (4. donderdag)228KRegional TV with recorded news.
.AVS (5. vrijdag)228KRegional TV with recorded news.
.AVS (6. zondag)228KRegional TV with recorded news.
.BRF TVwebsiteRegional TV from Eupen.
.Canal ZoomwebsiteLocal TV from Gembloux with recorded items.
.De StandaardwebsiteLarge newspaper providing recorded news streams.
.EBS100KThe European Union's TV news agency.
.EBS (English)100KThe European Union's TV news agency.
.EUX TVwebsiteNews about the European Union.
.Focus-WTVwebsiteRegional Flemish TV with news.
.Kanaal ZwebsiteBusiness TV.
.Liberty TV (nl)350KCommercial travel channel.
.MatelewebsiteRegional TV from Numuroise.
.Nieuwsblad TVwebsiteRecorded news.
.RTC Tele Liege288KLocal TV with recorded news.
.RTV200KRecorded Flemish news broadcast.
.Senaat220KTV from the Belgian senate (sometimes online).
.TéléSambrewebsiteRegional TV from Charleroi and Sud-Hainaut with recorded news.
.TelevesdrewebsiteRegional TV from Verviétoise.
.TMF1500KThe Music Factory.
.TV BrusselwebsiteRecorded news.
.TV OostwebsiteRegional news.
.TVLwebsiteLocal TV from Limburg.
.Vlaams ParlamentwebsiteNot always online. Live TV from the Belgian Parliament.
.VRTwebsiteRecorded news available on website.
.VTMwebsiteRecorded news.