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Italian TV channels.
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.24 Ore TVwebsite24/7 live economical and financial news and Stock-Exchange business.
.3 Channel320KSatellite channel (Sky Canale 872).
.Alghero NotiziewebsiteLocal TV from Alghero.
.All Music242KGeneral music TV channel.
.Antenna 5141KLocal TV from Empoli (FI).
.Antenna 6websiteWeb TV.
.Antenna Sicilia220KLocal TV.
.Arcoiris TV331KLocal TV from Sarzana.
.Camera dei Deputati45KLive from Montecitorio.
.Canale 7480KLocal TV from Monopoli.
.Canale_10200KLocal TV from Firenze.
.Canale_66200KLocal TV from Szczecin.
.CBL Film471KMovie TV channel.
.Cinquestelle TV222KGeneral TV channel.
.Coming soon TVwebsiteMovie TV channel.
.Deejay TVwebsitePopulair music.
.Denaro TV300KEconomic and financial news.
.E-TV330KLocal TV from Bolgna.
.Ibiza on TV273KMusic TV channel.
.Impresa Live350KChamber of Commerce of Milan.
.In Cucina TV288KTelevision channel dedicated to cooking.
.InteracTV288KFour live streams corresponding to four emotional feelings - Green - Yellow - Blue - Red.
.LA 8200K.
.LA 9312K.
.La TV della Liberta172KInformation channel.
.LA9 Sat220KLocal TV from Padova.
.Lazio TV273KRegional TV from Lazio.
.Lira TV75KLocal TV from Salerno.
.Magic TV100KMusic TV channel.
.Mediashopping250KShopping TV.
.Mediatel273KGeneral TV channel.
.Meteo Channel542KWeather forecast for Italy.
.Meteo Channel542KWeather forecast for Europe.
.Msat 150KLocal TV from Modica (Sicily).
.Omega TV193KTrance Hardtrance music.
.Onda TV200KLocal TV from Messinese.
.Palermo Channel TV282KLocal sports channel from Palermo.
.Piu Blu331KRegional TV from Lombardia.
.Play TV350KSatellite channel (Sky Canale 869)
.PNBox TV350KLocal TV from Pordenone.
.Primantenna273KLocal TV from Piemonte (Liguria).
.Primocanale520KRegional television from Liguria.
.QOOB TVwebsiteAlternative music and video art.
.Quarto Canale TV140KLocal TV from Pagani (Salerno).
.Radio Italia100KMusic TV channel with Italian music.
.Radio Napoli Emme100KMusic TV channel with Italian music.
.Radio SNJ150KInterviews and music.
.Rai News 24300KLive news broadcast.
.Rai Sport300KRecorded sports update.
.Raiclick TVwebsiteArchive of Italys public broadcaster.
.Rei TV250KLocal TV from Sicilia.
.Repubblica232KNews. Video only available from 10:00 and 13:00 (local time) monday to Friday.
.Retesole Perugia192KLocal TV from Perugia.
.Retesole Roma192KLocal TV from Rome.
.RMK TV96KLocal TV from Sciacca.
.RMK TV100KLocal TV from Sciacca (Ag) Sicilia.
.Rocktelevision 1355KNeo Rock Music.
.Rocktelevision 2335K90's Rock Music.
.Rocktelevision 3335K80's Rock Music.
.Rocktelevision 4335K70's Rock Music.
.Rocktelevision 5335KHard Rock Music.
.Rocktelevision 6335KProgressive Rock Music.
.Rocktelevision 7400KSoft rock music.
.ROMAuno348KTV from Rome.
.RTL 102.5300KPopulair music.
.RTS TV60KTele Radio salento.
.Senato della Rep.100KLocated at Palazzo Madama.
.Serie A TV340K.
.Sky 906222KGeneral TV channel.
.Sky life TG24websiteGeneral TV channel with news.
.SkylifewebsiteWeather forecast for Italy, Europe and the World.
.Sport Italia492KGeneral sports TV channel.
.Studio 3400KRegional TV from the south of Italy.
.Super TV273KLocal TV from Oristano.
.Tef Channel241KLocal TV from Sicily.
.Tele 90100KLocal TV from Sicily.
.Tele D1270KGeneral TV channel.
.Tele Iride60KLocal Toscany television channel.
.Tele Liguria Sud311KLocal television from La Spezia with Sport and news.
.Tele Rama News172KLocal TV from Lecce.
.Tele1350KLocal TV from Faenza (Ra) Romagna.
.Telecapri Sport140KSport channel with soccer.
.Telecitta259KLocal TV from Genova.
.Telecolor220KLocal TV channel.
.Telemolise90KLocal channel from Compobasso. Recorded streams available on website.
.Telenord176KLocal TV from Genova.
.Teleradioerre232KLocal TV from Foggia.
.Teleregione289KLocal TV from Barletta.
.Teleromagna100KLocal TV from Cesena.
.Telesirio225KRegional tv channel.
.Telespazio TV400KRegional TV from the south of Italy.
.Telesud100KRecorded news from Trapani ( Sicily ).
.Telesud TV259KRecorded news from Palermo.
.Teletruria387KLocal TV of Arezzo.
.Teleuno141KLocal TV from Pignola (PZ).
.TG 9websiteLocal TV from Napoli.
.TG5websiteRecorded Worldnews.
.TGS273KROME TGS VIOLINA national news, regional news culture and sport clips in italian.
.Tirrenosat275KLocal TV from Catania.
.TizianaLotto216KMusic TV.
.TLT MolisewebsiteRecorded news.
.TRBC50KCatholic channel.
.TRG232KChristian TV channel.
.TRS TV251KLocal TV from Vailate (Cr).
.TVA300KTV station from Agrigento with recorded news.
.TV Agus200KCulture, music, news, sport, turism. Various streams.
.TV Castello128KLocal TV from San Mauro.
.TV Gold212KGeneral TV channel.
.TV LeowebsiteEntertainment.
.TV Oggi550KGeneral TV channel.
.TV Padre Pio100KReligious TV channel.
.TVNwebsiteGeneral TV channel.
.TVR Teleitalia218KRegional TV channel from Toscane.
.Vatican TVwebsiteOnly transmitting during some parts of the day when there is activity in the Vatican City.
.Videolina273KLocal TV channel, located in Cagliari.
.Zoo TVwebsiteMusic TV channel.